Can I just tell you how much I LOVE Instagram. These are just a few of my favorite pics from the last couple weeks.
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This week I have visited so many BEACHES heading to the best beach of all, Pensacola, for my vacation!!! My first stope was Charleston, SC, no pictures, sorry. While I was there I visited Tres Carmen Boutique and Paisley. Both stores are great for shopping at any age and also love that they carry several of my lines now including Lilla P and Julie Brown.

Then I headed to Hilton Head Island and stayed at Sea Pines with my co-worker Greer. We walked around and enjoyed the view, top pictures, outfit I am wearing top: chelsea flower shorts: annie griffin collection.

Then I found my self heading to yet another water destination the city of Savannah, GA.  I so enjoyed walking around the tree lined streets with moss hanging down and then watching the sunset over river street.  I also enjoyed visiting some great stores in the area Palm Avenue and one right outside the city in Richmond Hill called Stella Rose.

My last stop before my vacation was Jacksonville, FL. What a beautiful city. I forget how pretty Jacksonville is and then I pull down St. Johns Avenue and see all the beautiful homes and arrive at one of my favorite stores J Ashley Boutique.

Finally my vacation has begun. I made it to Pensacola, FL. My weekend was spent enjoying family, going out to eat at my one of my loves the Global Grill, working at the store Indigeaux Denim Bar & Boutique with my sister, and finishing it off with a fun baseball game watching the Pensacola Blue Wahoos win a game.  My top: jcrew old similar here and here jeans: NYDJ white skinny shoes: Jack Rogers jewelry: Sylvia Benson.

I am so excited about my vacation this week. So next week you will see Beaches part II. Lets just hope it does not rain, again. Until then please leave me comments about what you think or like and I will be letting you know when the BIG give away is going to be, so be looking out.

Sell, Eat, Love,

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My Love5:

my love5: 7/18/2013

Hey loves,
Sorry its been a while. I have been so busy with work and laying low getting ready for my much needed vacation. This post is to help prepare you for some of the great things I am going to be giving away during my birthday month of August.  I am in love with fun nail art, the Lilla P origami, BirchboxCinda B,  and Emi Jay. I am always traveling with these things.  So all of my loyal followers and soon to be please keep following me so you will know about my great BIG give away next month.

Each week I will share with you my loves of the week, there will always be 5, thats my favorite number! Each week I will showcase what I am selling, eating, or loving on the road and I will give you links and information on where to buy, eat, or love yourself.  I hope you enjoy this post and check out some of my loves this week. I am sure you will love them too!

Sell, Eat, Love,

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Fireworks & Rainstorms

So welcome back!! I have totally over done it with pictures this week, but this post is all about my favorite holiday, the 4th of July!  It started with fun wardrobe planning for my trip to Pensacola and Destin, FL. Couldn't leave the house without a navy sequin T- shirt by Julie Brown.  

top Julie Brown Designs , jeans NYDJ , shoes old similar here & here

Even though it was a holiday I had to work. But was loving my arm candy this week. You can find 

 bracelets jcrewstella and dotchan luu

Finally made it home and I just love spending time with my Daddio. You can go fishing with him too. 

Book a Trip Capt Wes Rozier

Had to show you where I grew up! Man, do I love my backyard. Don't worry I didn't take this for granted growing up. I enjoyed every second of it! 


This is the most important reason why I came home. My sisters birthday! Isn't she beautiful! Happy day of birth. 



We had yummy hamburgers, hashbrown casserole, and watermelon salad.  Katie's birthday would not be complete without a sugary birthday cake. 


Like Indigeaux Denim Bar's Facebook page IDB

Loving my 4th of July dress that I got from Indigeaux Denim Bar and Boutique in Pensacola, FL. 


Loved spending the weekend with these wonderful ladies. We came from all over Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi 


Ok I have to say I didn't see these fireworks. It rained all weekend and so all fireworks were cancelled. But I had to post a picture to remind myself that it was the 4th of July! 


When we were able to be on the beach you know I was rocking my Julie Brown Designs beach towel and beach bag! 


Me and the girls making out rounds in Destin. Loved rocking my sail to sable tunic. 


Also so enjoyed spending the day with my bestie at the beach! 


So this pretty much shows you what everyday looked like at the beach! Not very pretty. 


Staying out of the rain. We couldn't leave the beach. 


Our final attempt to getting some beach time before the trip was over. All in all it was a great week even though there was no sun and the rain came on hard. I enjoyed seeing old and new friends. Even through the clouds made things grey I still love celebrating 'Mercia's birthday!! So I hope everyone had a great 4th of July. 

Please come back this Thursday with a product post and always be looking out because I want to start doing give always to my loyal visitors and followers. 

Sell. Eat. Love. 

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Hello again!! Thanks for coming back to see my latest adventure from life on the sales road. So I visited the Carolina's! My favorite part of the country, I love it mostly because I went to college there and because you have the beach and the mountains all in one "state of mind".  

On my drive I love seeing the big open sky and all kinds of different barns. This is in South Carolina somewhere. 

After making my way through South Carolina I arrived in Winston- Salem. Home to all the tobacco companies. I found a place where I could wear my new lulu lemon workout clothes! Can you guess the place . . . You got it, my new LOVE Pure Barre. 


Then it was time for dinner. Per a recommendation from a native to the city,  I headed to the cute little neighborhood and went to Mozelle's for dinner.  This diner type restaurant had so much character.  A menu full of southern dishes with a twist.


 I ordered the bacon wrapped meatloaf with green beans and tomato chutney on top! Can we say yummy, all together now YUMMY!  They are also known for their seasonal tomato pie which is a southern staple. 


Next day I got to visit one of my very favorite accounts the one and only Monkee's of the Village. They sell a few of my lines including Julie Brown, Hutch Designs, and now coming fall 2013 NYDJ! 


Some fun Julie Brown spring prints were greeting me as I walked in.  They make me so happy! Check out our facebook and instagram page for styling tips.



Next headed to Greensboro, NC. Another great restaurant recommendation came from the girls at Palm Avenue. So I headed to a trendy part of town with several cool places to eat. 

A little more about me. I love hamburgers and any time I can try one I do. I love to rate them based on if I need condiments or not! If I don't need to lather it in ketchup or mustard it's a good burger in my book!! 


This little dive called Emma Keys Flat Top Grille sure was the ticket. Man did they kick ass good burger. 

This is the Lou Lou burger with pimento cheese and carrmilized onions and candied jalapeƱos. Amazing! Ohh and they served malt vinegar with their fries. Only way to go!


Last stop of the week, Charlotte, where I went to undergrad. I sure do miss this city sometimes, especially my friends.  Me and the girls met for dinner and a catch up session even though I just saw them last weekend in Atlanta. I love our neutral/pink color palette we have going on. I just love summer nights! 
If you are wondering my top is by Ace and Jig one of my new loves. 


Finally time to come home and I was welcomed back with lots of surprises. The Pure Barre in Winston - Salem sent me a thank you card for coming to a class this week. There is that southern hospitality I am always bragging about. 


I also had several packages with lots of fun goodies like my new key chain by Moon & Lola.  Loving this robins egg blue with the gold block lettering. 


My weekend would not be complete without a girls night! Thanks Beth , my friend in the middle who is also my hair dresser, for keeping the weekends fun and always introducing me to new people! 


Finally a Sunday Funday brunch with a view like this! I am so happy to be living in Atlanta. I ask myself often why did it take me so long to move here! 


Till next weeks post. Have a very happy 4th of July. It's my favorite holiday so be ready for some cutie pictures! 

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Sell, Eat, Love, 

Moon & Lola
Ace and Jig
Julie Brown Designs
Monkee's of the Village
Palm Avenue

Emma Keys

Pure Barre

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