This week I have visited so many BEACHES heading to the best beach of all, Pensacola, for my vacation!!! My first stope was Charleston, SC, no pictures, sorry. While I was there I visited Tres Carmen Boutique and Paisley. Both stores are great for shopping at any age and also love that they carry several of my lines now including Lilla P and Julie Brown.

Then I headed to Hilton Head Island and stayed at Sea Pines with my co-worker Greer. We walked around and enjoyed the view, top pictures, outfit I am wearing top: chelsea flower shorts: annie griffin collection.

Then I found my self heading to yet another water destination the city of Savannah, GA.  I so enjoyed walking around the tree lined streets with moss hanging down and then watching the sunset over river street.  I also enjoyed visiting some great stores in the area Palm Avenue and one right outside the city in Richmond Hill called Stella Rose.

My last stop before my vacation was Jacksonville, FL. What a beautiful city. I forget how pretty Jacksonville is and then I pull down St. Johns Avenue and see all the beautiful homes and arrive at one of my favorite stores J Ashley Boutique.

Finally my vacation has begun. I made it to Pensacola, FL. My weekend was spent enjoying family, going out to eat at my one of my loves the Global Grill, working at the store Indigeaux Denim Bar & Boutique with my sister, and finishing it off with a fun baseball game watching the Pensacola Blue Wahoos win a game.  My top: jcrew old similar here and here jeans: NYDJ white skinny shoes: Jack Rogers jewelry: Sylvia Benson.

I am so excited about my vacation this week. So next week you will see Beaches part II. Lets just hope it does not rain, again. Until then please leave me comments about what you think or like and I will be letting you know when the BIG give away is going to be, so be looking out.

Sell, Eat, Love,

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  1. Hey love! Your pictures aren't showing up on this post for some reason :(


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