Hello again!! Thanks for coming back to see my latest adventure from life on the sales road. So I visited the Carolina's! My favorite part of the country, I love it mostly because I went to college there and because you have the beach and the mountains all in one "state of mind".  

On my drive I love seeing the big open sky and all kinds of different barns. This is in South Carolina somewhere. 

After making my way through South Carolina I arrived in Winston- Salem. Home to all the tobacco companies. I found a place where I could wear my new lulu lemon workout clothes! Can you guess the place . . . You got it, my new LOVE Pure Barre. 


Then it was time for dinner. Per a recommendation from a native to the city,  I headed to the cute little neighborhood and went to Mozelle's for dinner.  This diner type restaurant had so much character.  A menu full of southern dishes with a twist.


 I ordered the bacon wrapped meatloaf with green beans and tomato chutney on top! Can we say yummy, all together now YUMMY!  They are also known for their seasonal tomato pie which is a southern staple. 


Next day I got to visit one of my very favorite accounts the one and only Monkee's of the Village. They sell a few of my lines including Julie Brown, Hutch Designs, and now coming fall 2013 NYDJ! 


Some fun Julie Brown spring prints were greeting me as I walked in.  They make me so happy! Check out our facebook and instagram page for styling tips.



Next headed to Greensboro, NC. Another great restaurant recommendation came from the girls at Palm Avenue. So I headed to a trendy part of town with several cool places to eat. 

A little more about me. I love hamburgers and any time I can try one I do. I love to rate them based on if I need condiments or not! If I don't need to lather it in ketchup or mustard it's a good burger in my book!! 


This little dive called Emma Keys Flat Top Grille sure was the ticket. Man did they kick ass good burger. 

This is the Lou Lou burger with pimento cheese and carrmilized onions and candied jalapeƱos. Amazing! Ohh and they served malt vinegar with their fries. Only way to go!


Last stop of the week, Charlotte, where I went to undergrad. I sure do miss this city sometimes, especially my friends.  Me and the girls met for dinner and a catch up session even though I just saw them last weekend in Atlanta. I love our neutral/pink color palette we have going on. I just love summer nights! 
If you are wondering my top is by Ace and Jig one of my new loves. 


Finally time to come home and I was welcomed back with lots of surprises. The Pure Barre in Winston - Salem sent me a thank you card for coming to a class this week. There is that southern hospitality I am always bragging about. 


I also had several packages with lots of fun goodies like my new key chain by Moon & Lola.  Loving this robins egg blue with the gold block lettering. 


My weekend would not be complete without a girls night! Thanks Beth , my friend in the middle who is also my hair dresser, for keeping the weekends fun and always introducing me to new people! 


Finally a Sunday Funday brunch with a view like this! I am so happy to be living in Atlanta. I ask myself often why did it take me so long to move here! 


Till next weeks post. Have a very happy 4th of July. It's my favorite holiday so be ready for some cutie pictures! 

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Sell, Eat, Love, 

Moon & Lola
Ace and Jig
Julie Brown Designs
Monkee's of the Village
Palm Avenue

Emma Keys

Pure Barre

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