Snail mail

Snail mail

There are lots of old southern traditions making a come back and I am highlighting one imparticular, SNAIL MAIL. I LOVE mail. Personalized mail just because makes people feel special. I remember in college my mother would always remind me to mail someone special a card once a week. It makes an impact and keeps you connected. 

I wanted to share two of my favorite things with you about snail mail.  The first is collecting cards of any kind. I think I get this trait from my mother.  She has always had a wonderful collection of cards for any occasion. So over time I have collected birthday cards, thank you notes, home made holiday cards, and beautiful blank cards. Above are a few of my favorites right now. 

Second thing I love is sending snail mail with out the recipient knowing. Think back to when you were a small child and you got mail. It was the greatest surprise of the day.  That's why I love snail mail as an adult.  With all the aweful mail these days such as bills, trash, and just plain bad news that comes our way who doesn't want happy mail. So in 2014 I am making a pack with myself to send more happy mail.  Are you in? Tell me your thoughts. 

Check out one of my favorite online stores Waiting on Martha. She is my go to for all my specialty paper and cards for all my snail mail needs from birthdays to holidays. 

Sell. Eat. Love. 

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