Sell Part III // Sail to Sable

Sail to Sable launched two years ago with a tunic that everyone tried to make but could never get right.  The owner, creator, and designer of this brand grew up on the water in Connecticut and visiting the beaches along the east coast and living the lifestyle she is now designing for.  

The name Sail to Sable refers to the Eastern most and Southern most spots on the Eastern seaboard: Sail Rock, Maine and Cape Sable, Florida.  How clever. 

This brand if full of preppy meets chic beach day to night wear.  As the brand grows so does the seasons you can wear it.  Be on the look out for what this line has in store for fall.  The fall line will incorporate ponte, leather, and cashmere to bring this sun and sand line to your closet all year long.

These pictures above I hope will inspire you and get you ready for spring and summer even though this weather only seems to be getting colder.  When you are from the south we know our cold days are only numbered till the heat sets in and all you want to do is be on a beach with a tunic on.  

Please visit Sail to Sable online and view their most resent designs.  You can order online or find out where you can try on Sail to Sable near you.

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