Perfecting Your Pinterest

So many people have asked how do you organize your Pinterest boards?  Well this is the post for you, it's time to spring clean and you can start with your ideas. I have been penning from the begining. After months of pinning I had a huge mess on my hands. I couldn't find any of the recipes I pinned and everything was very generalized.

My goal one cold Saturday was to clean up my Pinterest boards. I started with my wardrobe. I started dividing into seasons ( spring, summer, fall, and winter ). You could also make boards for trips, date nights, and outfits you can only dream about just to expand your digital closet.   Next I moved into the kitchen and started making boards for each meal. The recipes are the most important to separate into different boards so it easier to access the specific food or meal you are looking for to cook.

You can use your boards to retain so many helpful thoughts, ideas, or things you have worn, cooked, or created. Pinterest can be a black whole of ideas or can be a catalog or recipes, outfits, DIY, and so much more. Above are snapshots of my Pinterest boards with how I title them and how I divide them up. Please take these tips and start your digital spring clean today. 

Sell, Eat, Love, 

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