Spring wish list

Spring wish list

So spring and all it's rain is here! Glad the cold weather is gone but all I can get inspired to buy is rain gear. I have to admit I gave bought something's off this list, lent is over and I went a little shopping crazy. 

So these pieces on my spring wish list actually will transition so well into fall. I always use that as a selling point to my stores. Anything that does not have to leave your closet is a great staple piece of your wardrobe. 

The Ali Ro jacket in this collection is one of my favorite pieces that I can't wait to add to my closet. It's a staple if you live in NYC. They not only look stylish but protect you from the harsh weather like snow, rain, or even fog. 

My other favorite thing is the miller Tory Burch sandel. I have been wanting these for a while and finally saved up and bought them! I love the cognac color for Summer with white jeans and then move them into fall with a dark skinny jeans when you want to dress fall but the weather is to hot for boots. 

I hope everyone is staying safe and dry with all the April showers God has given us this past month. That saying is so true April showers bring May flowers, what do mayflowers bring?  This is one of my favorite jokes during this time of year. 

White tee

Ali Ro outerwear

Hunter lined rain boots
$100 - johnlewis.com

Bracelet jewelry

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My Favorite Shoe


So the weather isn't perfect yet but it's getting there! In the hopeful thoughts of more warm weather this weekend I wanted to share with you my favorite spring,summer, and transition into fall shoe. This show by OTBT looks great with a short, skirt, skinny jean, wide leg pant, and bootcut jean. This shoe gives you the height you want without hurting those pretty little feet. You can walk, work, or party in the shoes all day long. 

These shoes are my go to on the road and the neutral colors work with any outfit. So let me help bring the trend from Alabama to the rest of the country. So get off the beaten path and get these shoes to keep you looking cool and tall all summer! 

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