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Last week I had the pleasure of spending it on the coast of South Carolina.  It was hot and busy in every city I visited.  The coast of South Carolina has so much to offer and so many cute little cites to visit such as BlufftonBeaufortHilton Head IslandPawleys Island, and of course Charleston and Mt. Pleasant.

I wanted to tell you about a cute store and brand to be on the look out for called Escapada Living.  Its located in Mt. Pleasant which is right outside of Charleston.  This store and brand are so cute for the summer and resort months.  I just love there fun bold prints and great body shapes they offer.  I also love how clean and white the store is.  You can imagine how I felt in there loving white everything clothes, home goods, walls.  Everything in the store goes with white jeans my favorite.

In the signature store they also carry other brands such as one that I rep on the road, Julie Brown Designs.  Escapada has a great selection of Julie Brand famous and classic wrap dresses and even things for your little beach baby.  The gift selection was great with Lolo bags and cosmetic cases, might have even got a fellow blogger a birthday present there.  The staff is every helpful and full of energy to match the store.  I know Escapada Living has plans to expand and open more stores in resort towns in the south east.  SO be on the look out for Escapada signature stores and you can always find a specialty store near you to buy the latest collection from Escapada the brand as well.

Let me know where you like to shop in the south east and maybe I will be visiting your favorite store in the near future and post about them.  Happy shopping this summer.

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Trending // Summer Totes

Totes Ma Goats

// annabelleilingall bag // Spade beach purse // Michael Kors saffiano leather handbag // Tory burch tote bag // Tory Burch brown tote //  C Wonder travel handbag // Shoulder strap purse // purse //  Blue tote //

This summer all I have been interested in are carry all bags " totes" I have probably purchased 3 already.  I got a reservable one that is tan and gold, a cork tote, and a black and white with a pop of color from c. wonder.

These bags are perfect for traveling, going to the beach, running errands on the weekend, and most definitely work.  What more can you want from a big open tote?  It holds your makeup, shoes, ipad, even a laptop if you need.  They are easy access to get your keys, lipgloss, and water bottle.

Check out some of these great totes I have picked out for the summer.  I have picked all price points so there is something for everyone.  Splurge if you want it to be a year round bag or save if you want a new one for every season.

Medicine & Manicures

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Love // Stella Grace Jewelry



Stella Grace Jewelry is one of my new Loves.  As we all know "we are all a bit two- faced" and this jewelry line gives you the edge of a fighter and the softness of a woman.  The creator of this beautiful metal jewelry line is Anna Douglas.  She is one of the most creative and kind woman I have had the pleasure to meet.  She works at my sisters store and shares her passion with all the around her.

I had her create me a couple pieces for this post so that i could showcase her work on my blog this week.  You can special order anything you see and more.  One of my favorite pieces she makes is the latitude/ longitude necklace so that you can keep your home, loved one, important place close to your heart.  All of her pieces are hand made in Pensacola, FL.  Please see the link below to visit her website and facebook so find out more information on how to order something special for yourself or a special person to you.

Stella Grace and Sell, Eat, Love proudly supports whatever face you want to wear today!

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This week I . . .

. . .  started the week off learning so much about SOCCER! I met up with some friends on Monday to watch the The World Cup. Visit the site to find out when your favorite team is playing this weekend! Go team USA "We Will Win"

. . . headed to the great state of North Carolina to visit some of my favorite stores in the southeast Monkees.  I celebrated National Splurge Day with them and maybe even got myself a pair of new summer sandals.

. . .  have been blogging so much more this week! That is always something to be excited about!

. . . watched the final episode of my favorite show ever and ready for my second favorite show ever to start.

. . . will end my week and start my weekend in The Queen City for a much needed girls weekend with my friends from college.  I just love Charlotte's new campaign "Charlotte's Got A Lot" so cute and creative. We are going bridesmaid dress shopping, relaxing, and spending quality time together eating and shopping, you know what girls do best.

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10 Year Reunion



This past weekend was my 10 year High School Reunion.  I know I couldn't believe it either.  I can't believe it has been 10 years since I graduated high school.  I went to a Catholic school in Pensacola, Fl and loved every minute of high school.  I made friends and learned valuable lessons to last me a lifetime.  

The reason I am posting about my reunion is because I planned it.  I worked for over a year to plan this event and it was a lot of work.  I am hoping that if anyone out there reads this they might find some inspiration for their reunion whatever year you might be celebrating there are tons of fun and inexpensive ways to enjoy reminiscing and catching up with old class mates.

The first few pictures are just some of my close high school girls friends at some of the different events for the weekend.  My best friend Anne Marie in the first picture was an amazing help with this whole process.  She took care of the money.  You have to have a separate person to handle the money so things do not get compromised and you have accountability on where the money is coming from and going to, so thanks Anne Marie.  Plus one picture of my mom and I because she helped, and she is just so cute! The itinerary for the weekend is as follows:

Friday Night: happy hour at a local restaurant that might be a class favorite 

Saturday Day: Family Beach Day ( i am from the beach, but any park or activity place that can involve anyone who has had children is always a great time)

Saturday Night: The Main Event, dinner and music to talk about old times ( we had our reunion at a local yacht club so it was more private with a buffet dinner, bar, and lots of pictures to look at)

DIY: I am not a DIY person at all but I was on a very strict budget so I had to get creative

Project 1: "10"picture collage 
I took poster board and cut it into the shape of a "1" I made mine bigger by taping 2 pieces of poster board together.  Then to make the "0" I took 4 pieces of poster board and made mirror cut outs and taped them together.  This turned out to be way easier than expeceted.  Then I had about 200 black and white pictures that I played around with to find homes for each of them where you could see everyones face in each picture. Then I scattered some color photos to make a pop.  I attached the pictures with spray glue and it worked perfectly giveing me a big "1" and "0" it was a great place to take pictures. 

Project 2: Table Decorations
Again working on a budget could not get flowers.  So next best thing is old wedding decorations.  We used vases from my friend anne marie's wedding and put floating candles in them to give ambiance to the room.  I also stacked old year books and scattered year book pictures in black and white to add conversation during dinner.

Project 3: Photo Signs
I wanted to have funny signs people could hold in pictures that told a little bit about where they were in life.  Picture above shows a couple of them.  I just came up with funny things that might or might not be true today.  Below are a couple of funny ones I came up with. 

My kid(s) are cuter than yours
I miss high school
We love a favorite teacher
My hair still looks the same
I am single
I came for the beer 

So when it was all said and done my reunion turned out great.  I was very happy with the turn out and everyone that came truly enjoyed themselves.  I wanted to capture where we grew up and what we loved about it.  Majority of the people who came were from out of town and brought their spouses and so it was nice for them to get a tour of what it was like and where we liked to go during high school.  If you have any questions about something I did or need any help planning your reunion please message me and let me know.  I feel like I became very knowledgable about the timing and budget of throwing a reunion.  

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Trending // Neon and Cork

Neon and Cork go together like wine and cheese, peanut butter and chocolate, and peas and carrots (that was for my Forest Gump fans).  I probably have on one or the other at least once, twice, maybe even three times a week.  

I was at home this weekend for my 10 year high school reunion and had a little impromptu photo shoot with my sister in downtown Pensacola.  I wanted to show off how fun neon is during the summer when you are so tan and toned from all the beach trips and pure barre classes! 

I am 100% sure this trend is not going away any time soon.  Keep visiting my blog and instagram to see more of my neon obsession this summer.  Thanks for checking out my #trending Tuesday 

/shorts/ Here and here  /top/ old but similar love this and love this  /hat/  here   /shoes/  here  /purse/ here and here and its 30% off

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Trending // Pineapple Express

pineapple express

Hello readers! I am going to join Trending Tuesdays with some of my blogger friends. My trend is "Pineapples". I have loved pineapples since I was little.  Mostly because I loved to eat it but then I learned it was the symbol of hospitality and that is what we are all about down here in the south! 

My hospitality and the hospitality that I receive while traveling in the south runs deep. Its something I strive to become better and better at.  Hospitality is something that will never go out of style.  One of my favorite places to visit is Charleston, SC and they have a huge pineapple fountain in the downtown area right on the battery.  Its beautiful and shows every visiter that they come first and are welcomed to Charleston and the south with open arms. 

Tell me what kinds of things you do to show southern hospitality or what you have seen others do for you? 

These are some of my favorite little finds for you to accessories with but not over do it with the pineapple! Trends can be tricky.  You want to play with the trend but not become it, I am guessing none of you want to be an pineapple, ok maybe just for halloween. List of where to find each cute pineapple piece is below.  

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Perfecting Your Pinterest

So many people have asked how do you organize your Pinterest boards?  Well this is the post for you, it's time to spring clean and you can start with your ideas. I have been penning from the begining. After months of pinning I had a huge mess on my hands. I couldn't find any of the recipes I pinned and everything was very generalized.

My goal one cold Saturday was to clean up my Pinterest boards. I started with my wardrobe. I started dividing into seasons ( spring, summer, fall, and winter ). You could also make boards for trips, date nights, and outfits you can only dream about just to expand your digital closet.   Next I moved into the kitchen and started making boards for each meal. The recipes are the most important to separate into different boards so it easier to access the specific food or meal you are looking for to cook.

You can use your boards to retain so many helpful thoughts, ideas, or things you have worn, cooked, or created. Pinterest can be a black whole of ideas or can be a catalog or recipes, outfits, DIY, and so much more. Above are snapshots of my Pinterest boards with how I title them and how I divide them up. Please take these tips and start your digital spring clean today. 

Sell, Eat, Love, 

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Summer Challenge // Pure Barre

Summer 2014 is in full swing with beautiful weekends laying out by a pool or BEACH.  So that means getting my body looking good.  I have become obsessed with Pure Barre.  I have been taking classes since January and have seen a huge change in my body with not only looks but flexibility and stamina have greatly improved.    

I also love what pure barre offers to keep you motivated.  Right now I have signed up for the summer challenge.  My goal is to take 60 classes over 3 months.  I am going to do it too!  The way I feel going into class and how I feel when I leave is amazing!  I really don't like working out, actually I hate it and I have found a great workout that keeps me coming back for more.  Pure Barre offers so many ways to get LTB= Lift Tone Burn.  They have bridals, moms to be, and even new client specials. Just visit the website listed below and find a location closest to you and find out what specials they have going on.

Not only do I love the workout I get but what goes along with it.  Getting all the matching outfits from Lulu Lemon, Trina Turk, Nike, Gap and even Target.  Check out my new top I got yesterday from Lulu Lemon.  I am even going to wear it out with white jeans shorts for a casual look this summer. 

So stay cool and looking good this summer.  Stay active and remember to drink lots of water.  Let me know what your favorite workout is.  I love hearing how people stay active.

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