10 Year Reunion



This past weekend was my 10 year High School Reunion.  I know I couldn't believe it either.  I can't believe it has been 10 years since I graduated high school.  I went to a Catholic school in Pensacola, Fl and loved every minute of high school.  I made friends and learned valuable lessons to last me a lifetime.  

The reason I am posting about my reunion is because I planned it.  I worked for over a year to plan this event and it was a lot of work.  I am hoping that if anyone out there reads this they might find some inspiration for their reunion whatever year you might be celebrating there are tons of fun and inexpensive ways to enjoy reminiscing and catching up with old class mates.

The first few pictures are just some of my close high school girls friends at some of the different events for the weekend.  My best friend Anne Marie in the first picture was an amazing help with this whole process.  She took care of the money.  You have to have a separate person to handle the money so things do not get compromised and you have accountability on where the money is coming from and going to, so thanks Anne Marie.  Plus one picture of my mom and I because she helped, and she is just so cute! The itinerary for the weekend is as follows:

Friday Night: happy hour at a local restaurant that might be a class favorite 

Saturday Day: Family Beach Day ( i am from the beach, but any park or activity place that can involve anyone who has had children is always a great time)

Saturday Night: The Main Event, dinner and music to talk about old times ( we had our reunion at a local yacht club so it was more private with a buffet dinner, bar, and lots of pictures to look at)

DIY: I am not a DIY person at all but I was on a very strict budget so I had to get creative

Project 1: "10"picture collage 
I took poster board and cut it into the shape of a "1" I made mine bigger by taping 2 pieces of poster board together.  Then to make the "0" I took 4 pieces of poster board and made mirror cut outs and taped them together.  This turned out to be way easier than expeceted.  Then I had about 200 black and white pictures that I played around with to find homes for each of them where you could see everyones face in each picture. Then I scattered some color photos to make a pop.  I attached the pictures with spray glue and it worked perfectly giveing me a big "1" and "0" it was a great place to take pictures. 

Project 2: Table Decorations
Again working on a budget could not get flowers.  So next best thing is old wedding decorations.  We used vases from my friend anne marie's wedding and put floating candles in them to give ambiance to the room.  I also stacked old year books and scattered year book pictures in black and white to add conversation during dinner.

Project 3: Photo Signs
I wanted to have funny signs people could hold in pictures that told a little bit about where they were in life.  Picture above shows a couple of them.  I just came up with funny things that might or might not be true today.  Below are a couple of funny ones I came up with. 

My kid(s) are cuter than yours
I miss high school
We love a favorite teacher
My hair still looks the same
I am single
I came for the beer 

So when it was all said and done my reunion turned out great.  I was very happy with the turn out and everyone that came truly enjoyed themselves.  I wanted to capture where we grew up and what we loved about it.  Majority of the people who came were from out of town and brought their spouses and so it was nice for them to get a tour of what it was like and where we liked to go during high school.  If you have any questions about something I did or need any help planning your reunion please message me and let me know.  I feel like I became very knowledgable about the timing and budget of throwing a reunion.  

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  1. i just realized i graduated 8 years ago and can't believe it either! where does time go!?

  2. You look so stunning and gorgeous honey. Love it! ♥

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