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Hello readers! I am going to join Trending Tuesdays with some of my blogger friends. My trend is "Pineapples". I have loved pineapples since I was little.  Mostly because I loved to eat it but then I learned it was the symbol of hospitality and that is what we are all about down here in the south! 

My hospitality and the hospitality that I receive while traveling in the south runs deep. Its something I strive to become better and better at.  Hospitality is something that will never go out of style.  One of my favorite places to visit is Charleston, SC and they have a huge pineapple fountain in the downtown area right on the battery.  Its beautiful and shows every visiter that they come first and are welcomed to Charleston and the south with open arms. 

Tell me what kinds of things you do to show southern hospitality or what you have seen others do for you? 

These are some of my favorite little finds for you to accessories with but not over do it with the pineapple! Trends can be tricky.  You want to play with the trend but not become it, I am guessing none of you want to be an pineapple, ok maybe just for halloween. List of where to find each cute pineapple piece is below.  

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  1. thanks for linking up with us this past week; i hope to see your trends next week! i found an adorable pineapple dress that needs to be in my closet! xo!


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