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The weekend is finally here! TGIF. Just to fill you in if you are not from Pensacola,FL this weekend is one of the greatest holidays ever. You are probably asking yourself, there is jot a holiday this weekend. Bit wait there is, Blue Angels Beach Air Show has finally arrived back in Pensacola for this weekend. 

Back story, last year the entire show scheduled was canceled by the government. Needless to say everyone who loves the blue angels air show was very upset. So this year they have brought it back! Thank the heavens. So in honor the the blues flying this weekend I did a little #favoritefridayfive with a blue angel theme. I will also be at the beach on vacation this coming week. I can't even begin to tell you how excited I am! So enjoy these nautical, beach, and blue angel inspired finds. Links below to most of the products. 

Just so you know tomorrow I will be heading down to the beach and getting my self ready for the big show Saturday! I can't wait, Blue Angels here I come. 

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