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Ok I am letting yall in on a little secret. . .  Sylvia Benson is one of the hottest new jewelry brands, that has been around but now has an awesome rep on the road putting it in the coolest stores in the southeat.  This jewelry line is a go to staple in my closest.  Its that piece of jewelry that becomes your everyday throw on to take your outfit from ok to WOW!  The clean lines and sophisticated look appeals to every kind of woman.  From the career woman that needs something to take her outfit from work to play or the mom on the go that wants to look put together when picking up the kids from school.

Katie Jarvis the designer and her husband Ethan are an amazing team making every beautiful hand crafted piece of jewelry in the great state of North Carolina.  Katie is known to wear white to the office a lot because she tries on each piece of jewelry and likes to see it on a clean canvas.  Her style and taste are so fresh and energetic you just want to become best friends with her right after meeting her.  She is very talented each season she blows me away with more staples that I can build and layer in with my existing Sylvia Benson collection.

I am so excited to announce that I am doing my first give away with Sylvia Benson Jewelry.  In honor of the Pensacola Blue Angels coming back to Pensacola this weekend for their homecoming beach air show, I am teaming up with Sylvia Benson Jewelry and we are giving away my favorite pair of stud earring ever created.  The Mitchell studs are timeless and stunning studs that go with anything and everything you are wearing and doing.  I have to stop myself from wearing them everyday, yes they are they amazing.  So please enter this giveaway and keep following me and to see what else Sylvia Benson has in store for you each season.

// you can visit Sylvia Benson's website to find more styles and a list of specialty stores near you //     

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  1. I am actually wearing my SB necklace for the first time today...everybody loves it! Thank you :) Also, I am loving all the turquoise she uses in her jewelry...it's making me want to buy more! Hope you're having a great week!

    1. that is great so excited you love it! saw your roomie got to enjoy it before you ha ha.


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