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College days are long behind me but that doesnt mean I cant still have a nice long summer vacation.  I went to Pensacola for the amazing Blue Angels and then stayed at the beach for the next week.  So I am no back from my glorious "BEACH VACATION".  I am not quite ready to be back, but Monday is here and so I have no choice.

I wanted to share a couple highlights from my beach vacation.  Everything from were we went to eat, who I hung out with and of course what I wore.  I also had the wonderful experience to have my very first photo shoot with the talented Shawn Bumgarner of Gypsy Isle Photography you will get to see lots of those soon enough, promise.

Well the other important information you need to know is Masters of Sex is back on Showtime and is blowing my mind already.  The other is True Blood, with all its glory is not having the best season but its ok because I just love the characters so much I am glad I get to see them once more before its all over.

So moral of this #trending post is make sure you take a vacation this summer.  Do something fun for yourself and don't work so hard because trust me you won't be worth anything if you don't take care of your body, mind, and spirit and that means take a VACATION!

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  1. we're going to the beach this weekend and your post just got me super pumped!


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