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Sam Smith : I like most girls am in love with the song "stay with me".  I can listen to it over and over again.  Each time I sing it I get more into the song where I am raising my hand yes, motions in the car ha ha

 Lorde : Every chance I get I am turning my pandora station to Lorde and love it becuase they play every song from her album, which is amazing! You must go buy it, ASAP

Ingrid Michaelson : I have been a fan of this talented artist for at least 5 years. But her latest song "Girls Chase Boys" has just been one of my favorites lately. Thank you Ingrid for speaking my language. 

Wish I Was There : So, I haven't seen this movie yet but its definitely on my list. Check out the trailer and I am sure you will want to go see it to. 

Tammy : Ok so I officially havent seen this one either but its on my list as well. Man I have a lot of movies to catch up on.

The Other Woman : This hands down is the comedy of the summer.  These girls are so funny together and when Leslie Mann vomits in her purse it goes to the same level as 40 Year old Virgin.

Dusty Crowns : Just bought this book and I am so excited to read what this amazing lady, Heather Lindsey, has to say about becoming to best woman you can be.  Follow her on twitter and instagram, she is so motivating and you can't help but want to know her thoughts on everything.  Plus she always delivers a message right when you need to hear it. Can you tell I just like her so much? 

The Fault In Our Stars : Ok to be honest I am so bad about seeing the movie before the book, which I did with this book as well.  But I still bought the book and it was amazing and get the tissues ready, again, its that good!

Wild : Here's your chance to not be like me and read the book before the movie.  I finally finished a book before the movie! This book is the perfect pre fall book.  This woman is so amazing and makes it through so many obstacles that you want to go out and accomplish anything.  Here comes the start of my 30 before 30 list.

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