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Well, Hello Monday your back again so soon.  Another weekend has come and gone sad to say.  I can not tell a lie I am pretty excited for the week ahead.  I will be in one of my all time favorite towns Charleston,SC for a couple days and then traveling down the South Carolina coast all the way to Jacksonville, FL.  Ending another week with spending the weekend in Pensacola,FL.  So even though the week has greeted us already its not so back considering I am very excited about all the stores and people I get to see all the way.

A little about my weekend.  Friday was mostly spent driving back from Asheville, NC.  Man is November the time to be in the Carolinas.  All the trees are changing colors and just so beautiful.  I just couldn't believe my eyes were getting to see how amazing nature is.  

Clearly I didn't take this picture because I was driving, but it is what I looked at all week while traveling through North Carolina.  So enjoy this picture if you have the Monday Blues.

Saturday I woke up early, but was running late, to participate in day 4 of a building a Habitat for Humanity house in Atlanta,GA.  It was a day well spend helping this single mom and her son build their very own home.  It was such a fun day of painting, learning to caulk doors and windows, and building a front porch.  My church, Christ the King has been part of the team every weekend to help build this house and this was my week to come and help.  I am so thankful I could give this family the gift of a home by sharing my time with her.  Its a great way to give back and learn new skills.

Saturday evening I went to a friends house for a Fall party and watched football.  Alabama pulled out this week with a W.  Auburn didn't fair so well.  The party was a great time and I enjoyed sitting around a fire outside truly enjoying the cold weather.  I am not ready for winter but I am definitely enjoying the Fall. 

And then I finished the weekend with furniture shopping at Ikea.  I will be getting my own place come January 2015 so I started the process of picking out a couch and figuring out what I want my place to look like.  I know I want lots of WHITE.  

What a productive and fun weekend.  Now on to the same for the week.  I hope everyone has a blessed week and remember live everyday like its the best day ever, even when its not.  I am so blessed for waking up each morning full of love and life.  I hope everyone is inspired to do the same. 

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