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Ho Ho Ho, these amazing ladies and I had a great at home Christmas potluck, cookie swap, secret santa, and game night Saturday.  We get together every year to talk about what the next year will hopefully bring us, celebrate big milestones, and enjoy the Christmas season.  

This year we decided to stay in cook dinner, sit by the fire and play games.  It could not have been anymore perfect.  Logan had a beautiful tree decorated, lit up and a fire keeping our toes nice and toasty.  She was the perfect host.  

Then came secret Santa.  We definitely had a trend this year.  All the important girls showed up, Tory, Kate, and Kendra that is.  With our changing lives and big events coming up in 2015 home stuff, jewelry, and travel accessories were a big hit!

We finished the night with lots of wine talking girl talk and playing catch phrase.  I saw a competitive side to many of my friends I have never seen before.   I loved it and know next year the board games will be coming with me to the queen city. 

The most important memory about the weekend was knowing how much we make our friendships to each other a priority.  Taking this time out of busy schedules is what keeps out friendships strong, celebrating all the achievements and special events from the year gets everyone excited for the next year.  Way to go girls, keep up all your hard work, love, and adventure for life. 

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