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Time for a bachelorette Party recap and tips for planning a trip to New Orleans.  I am finally feeling back to normal after a crazy, adventurous, and party filled weekend in New Orleans for my girl, Katie's, bachelorette weekend.  We ate good food, spent quality time together, got dressed up, drank lots of good drinks, danced on bars, and was even spooked on a ghost tour.  The weekend was a huge success and everyone made it home alive, maybe a little hungover, but alive. 

When planning a trip to of any kind, know the reason and then start picking spots to visit and try from there.  A bachelorette party needs some structure but not a full itinerary with specific times for everything.  You are traveling with a lot of people, all women, and being on time for something is just not in the cards.  

As a group we decided renting a house would be cost efficient and easier for the group to enjoy time together in common living areas.  We also cooked dinner our selves the first night, so being able to stay "home" in our pjs and eat a self cooked meal was a highlight.  The house was amazing. The link about is where we stayed.  The owner of the home, Jo, was just the most delightful and wonderful lady.  She had the house all set up for us with everything we could think of needing or wanting. 

Sight Seeing -
While the first day was a little windy and cold the best thing for us to do was get our drink on early.  Se we started bar hopping around The French Quarter.  There are so many old and unique bars with drinks that are a staple on their menus.  Here are a list of must visit bars and the drinks they are known for . . . 
Lafitte"s Blacksmith Shop Bar - The Purple Drank
Napoleon House- The best Pimms Cup in town
Carousel Bar and Lounge - An indoor carousel

Food -
The food in this town deserves no other word but AMAZING.  Starting off the trip with beignet and a cafe au lait from Cafe Du Monde, warmed us right up.  Honestly our priority was visiting the bar scene, so we only went to a couple restaurants but here are a list of my favorites from this trip and past trips.  Our favorite lunch spot was The Butcher, owned by Cochon, another amazing restaurant that should 100% be on your list.  Butcher is counter service with amazing sandwiches and sides.  If you like meat you will not be disappointed.

Ghost Tour -
If you need an activity for a big group and want to keep drink, do as they do in New Orleans, a ghost tour is the perfect activity for any group.  The girls I was with love a good ghost story and are all addicted to AHS, so this was right up their ally.  Our tour was good we drank hurricanes and got to see a lot of New Orleans we would have not seen or much less payed attention to.  There was some crazy people who did crazy things in New Orleans over the years.

Ok so that about sums up the weekend and how to plan a great bachelorette weekend.  Remember to have a plan but not be committed to it, find fun bars with great drinks, be adventurous, try new things, and most importantly have FUN!!!

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