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So today marks the start of the weekend.  Can I get hand raise! So excited about relaxing and just enjoying this beautiful weather, friends in Charlotte for this girl's birthday, Atlanta, and maybe a little decorating.  With spring decorating on the mind and lots of friends asking me where is a good place to pick up interesting and unique finds for the home or apartment, my answer is always Scott's Antique Market.  I thought today would be the perfect day to post about this since the market is in town! Can I get another hand raise please?  SO the market only comes to Atlanta on the second, 2nd, weekend of every month.  So make sure you catch it this weekend.  It cost $5 per person to get in, then you're good for the entire weekend, also it opens at 8 but don't get there any later than 9 am or traffic will be bad.  Give yourself about 4+ hours to spend walking around.  There is so much to see and take in, mostly because there are two buildings and two outdoor shopping spaces.  
I would have to say my favorite things to look at are the oriental and indian rugs.  I am beyond obsessed with them.  They are so beautiful and have such character that you know these rugs have been places.  The one major piece of advice I can offer is to observe, take it all in, because it can be a little over whelming on your first visit.  If you find something you are in love with get it because it won't be there to next time, learned that lesson, plus most of the venders will let you bring back the next month if you end up not liking what you picked up.  Be adventurous, have fun, and remember most of these items are old but can be brought back to life in a new space. 

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  1. Oh my God that looks like an amazing market! Love the rugs and those books are amazing!!


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