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So as you know I have been decorating my new apartment.  It is coming along great, just bought a rug and will update you on that in a post later don't worry.  I wanted to splurge on a new scent for my apartment and I knew just the place to go.  I headed to the Shops at Buckhead Atlanta.  This was my first time going into a Diptyque candle shop and I can't tell a lie I was kind of nervous about what to expect and what to pick out.  This is no small candle purchase.  They are pretty expensive and you want to get the right one. 
I went into this thinking I wanted the classic candle so that after I could use the glass for flowers or makeup brushes, I know like every other blogger in the country.  The girl who helped me was so knowledgable about the candles and how to help me select the perfect scent for me.  She presented each candle out of the glass to get the most potent smell.  She also asked all the right questions to trigger any smell memories like, where the candle would be going, what smells are my favorite, what kind of perfume do I wear, any memory from my childhood that I might want bring back this summer?  I was so impressed with how detailed she was about helping me pick out what seems like such a simple thing.  It was so fun to think about what all I like and what kind of new smell I want to bring into my home.  
With summer around the corner and just coming back from Palm Beach I was so excited to see the boutique exclusive collection included a beachy smell from Palm Beach Florida.  I went back a forth about it being in a black container, but ultimately fell in love with the salty, beach, laid back smell of Palm Beach.  I have already been enjoying this candle to the fullest and am so thankful for the help I received in picking out this amazing candle.  I look forward to enjoying it all summer long and starting my collection of Diptyque candles for each room.  
Hope this helps anyone who is looking to buy a candle from Diptyque.  If you're in the Atlanta area make sure you head to the actual Diptyque Boutique you will be waited on hand and foot and made to feel like you are creating a candle just for you.
  Hope everyone has a great week.

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