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Who has a very busy summer? I know I do, and finding myself being invited to so many parties and events planned by friends this summer.  Being southern belle I am I don't like to show up empty handed, especially if its a weekend trip or all day event.  So I wanted to share some of my new favorite finds that make great hostess gift ideas for under $10 dollars.  I stock up on cute dish towels, cups, and fun kitchen goodies like this for when I need something last minute or like this summer when I know I have lots of invites on the fridge.
Heres a list of great gift ideas with pictures above.
Tervis Tumblers - gift one or a set you can't go wrong for a sweat proof cup for the summer,  bonus great collector gift, you can add to or start a collection for someone. 
Cookie Butter - this magical spread is great for a sweet treat, add it to s'mores, toast, or even just a spoon will do.
Dish towels - fun summer themed towels for someones beach or lake house are always needed to clean up messes or add some color and fun to a kitchen.
Beer Bread - I found a great company that has a beer bread mix that is so easy anyone can whip it up, comes in tons of flavors and can be used to make sandwiches, soak up seafood gumbo, or enjoy with breakfast. 
These are my favorite little gifts for the summer.  Check out all their websites for more options.  Remember have a great summer and don't show up empty handed, these gifts will be sure to make your the best guest and get invited again and again. 

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