Outfit Post // Dont Tees Me + My Birthday Wish


Tees Lilla P // Jeans Kut from the Kloth // Necklace Julie Vos // Shoes Target // Smile Priceless!

Tee shirts have become my constant when traveling, lounging, working out and just running around town.  This tee shirt from Lilla P, as you can see, I bought in three colors, has been one of my favorites this spring summer.  I really never go a week without wearing one of them.  So next week I am hoping to a follow up post with list of my top 5 tees from categories like pockets, vnecks, long sleeve and oversized, there are limitless options.  Eeek so excited to share with you. 
Next its My Day of Birth!!!  
Writing this post on the eve of my 29th birthday is pretty crazy.  I just can't believe I will be 29 tomorrow.  It feels like yesterday my parents were taking me to college and getting me ready for the my adult life to start. I think about where I had hoped to be when I turned 29, yes it's a little different, but perfect all in the same.  I know God has glorious plans for each of us and I know I am right where I am suppose to be.  I just feel it in my bones that year 29 is going to bring me great love, health, and lots of adventure!  I just want to pledge to myself on this post that I will live each day fully, with no regrets, and loving the Lord, who above all loves me most.  

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