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I love picking out the perfect gift for someone I love.  I like to say I am a good gift giver, I think about the person and try to pick something special, memorable, or even just useful for that persons life.  The first stop I make when buying a gift is The Merchant.  They specialize in local, unique, creative gifts, book, and cards.  Poking around even when I have nothing I need to buy is sometimes the best.  You stumble upon something so wonderful and know exactly who its for.  Sometimes I have a hard time giving the gift away because I want to keep them all for myself.  Please check out their brick and mortar stores located in Atlanta, Ga.  With 2 locations one at Krog Street and Howell Mill, you can't miss visiting a fun part of town and popping into one of their beautiful shops.  They are a great place to start your Christmas Shopping.  

Also check back next week for details about my look.  You don't want to miss this top or jacket, shop it early, they are on major rotation these days with the weather being hot one day and cool the next.  Ohh the joys of living in the south.  
Have a great weekend everyone.  Make sure you get into some fall fun.  

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