Outfit Post // Blue Velvet

Jacket By Smith Collection // Top Anthropologie // Jeans Kut from the Kloth // Shoes Nordstrom

Photography by Shelby Rae Photographs

Can we just say Thank You winter for not being so bad on us this year.  Wow I can't believe I am posting a look with a light jacket and sleeveless top the First of February.  This is blowing my mind right now.  I also am thankful for a weak winter because all my specialty stores are doing so well right now.  Girls are getting their shopping on early for all those great spring pieces.  Remember you can still rock some of your light weight winter pieces until March or April and brighten it up with a pair of white jeans.

I am heading into market this week in Atlanta. Plus I get to be home.  Another plus all my amazing accounts come to me. So a double plus on a Monday, things are looking up.  I hope everyone has an amazing week filled with lots of warm weather.  Wow I still can't believe its February 1st.  

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Eat // #SL50 + One Dish Meal

One pan dishes are the way to go if you are a family on the go, not a great cook, or want something tasty, healthy, and easy.  I am a huge fan of Southern Living and Cooking Light magazines, probably because I worked there after college for two years in the test kitchen.  So I know these recipes are perfect in every way.  They have been tested at least four times, so they are perfect for the home cook, and they always look like the picture, which is always a plus.  I know, I know, I love pinterest recipes too but you never know if they will work and who wants a #foodfail on the table?

  The pork chops with apples and brussels sprouts came out perfect and makes for a great meal after a long cold and rainy day.  Nothing beats having your meal ready at the same time with easy clean up. Make sure you check out this link so you can cook this meal for yourself, family, or friends one weeknight or weekend.  

Also I am so excited about Southern Living celebrating there 50th birthday.  Thanks to my grandmother I have almost every yearend cookbook they have published, nothing beats a vintage cookbook.  I love southern living and trust them with all my recipe and kitchen needs.  They have an amazing publication and have grown and changed with the times.  Make sure you check out this months magazine with all the celebration of helping perfect the southern culture for everyone in the south and who wish they lived in the south. 


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Outfit Post // Camel + Leo

Dress Hutch Design // Coat old Talbots love this too Nordstrom // Tights Spanx // Heels Nordstrom // Pearls J. Crew Factory // Clutch Gigi New York

This jacket, Ohh this jacket, has become my go to during these fridged winter months.  I didn't know how much I loved it until I haven't been able to find another one like it to suggest for y'all to buy.  It looks great dressed up or casual with distressed jeans.  I also love the pop of my metallic clutch in rose quartz.  You can always add in a pop of a spring color before its truly that season.  With all the stores showing off their whites and brights it makes you want to rush into the warm months ahead. Check out some of the pieces in this look and many of them are on sale.
On another note my girl Kristina is visiting from Charlotte and I am so excited to show her around my amazing city and of course eat lots of good food!!! So be looking out on snap chat and instagram for adventures of fashion food and fun.

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Outfit Post // Zip

Hair by E E Salon

Sweater old but Love This One and this too // Shirt Loft // Jeans Kut from the Kloth // Shoes Rowen Footwear on major sale // Bag Nordstrom // Fur Pompom Nordstrom  // Necklace Bauble Bar

I am been majorly MIA since New Years.  I am so sorry,  I just needed a little break to get back to normal after those crazy holidays.  I was just in Palm Beach this weekend for an apparel show and man was it night to flee the first cold snap in Atlanta.  Now as I am heading back I stopped in Gainesville, FL to watch the National Championship game and wanted to share this look that screams I am def cheering for ALABAMA.  So on that note ROLL TIDE ROLL.  

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Current // Goals for 2016

Lets get 2016 going in the right direction!  I am not an expert on giving tips or advice but I have thought long and hard about writing this post and wanted to share some of my thoughts and tips on how to make the most of a new year. 

1.) Look Back / Recap 2015
I am someone who lives by the motto never look backwards, but for setting goals sometimes you have to recap the previous year to assess what you liked and didn't like about the year to help in making changes going forward.

2.) Long Term Goal
Time to rip off the bandaid and get right to it, what is your goals for 2016?  This is the easy part.  Making the goal or goals always sounds good and feels good, you are inspired its a new year, fresh start, clean slate.  Ask yourself what kind of place, person, or shape do you want to be in when the year comes to a close.  Make a list of a few attainable year long goals.

3.) Short Term Goals
Now brake those long term goals down into quarters.  To meet your goals you have to make smaller  short term goals to help yourself achieve those long term goals without losing interest and giving up.  These can be motivational and/ or rewarding to keep you on tract.  Example if you are trying to lose weight, reward yourself with new workout clothes or a new outfit once a short term goal is reached.  Make short term goal with rewards, its pretty much quit proof when you get something for meeting your goal. 

4.) Accountability 
Appoint someone as your accountability partner.  Show them your goals or give them a copy of your plan and agree on a schedule to check in with each other to make sure you are on track.  When you have to talk with someone about your progress you don't want to get a bad report or have to explain why you are not where you wanted to be.  Having someone on your side motivating you along the way is a way to keep going even when it gets difficult.

5.) Realistic 
Most importantly make sure you are setting realistic goals for yourself.  The fastest way to quit is knowing you will never reach your goal.  But if it is something you can reach you are going to be more motivated to try and keep up with your short term goals to reach the long term goal.  The hardest part is keeping interested.  A year is a long time.  At the end of the year we say man that year just flew by but when your trying to fix something or be something a year seems like a lifetime.  To make sure you keep and reach your goals, set ones that are realistic and ones that you won't be tempted to quit after one month. 

I hope these goal setting tips help you make the most of 2016.  I am very excited to get my goals on paper and start working to become the best I can be in 2016.  I have so many special events to be present for this year.  To do that I know I have to take care of somethings that bother me and once they are met I know I will be a much happier girl. 

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