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Lets get 2016 going in the right direction!  I am not an expert on giving tips or advice but I have thought long and hard about writing this post and wanted to share some of my thoughts and tips on how to make the most of a new year. 

1.) Look Back / Recap 2015
I am someone who lives by the motto never look backwards, but for setting goals sometimes you have to recap the previous year to assess what you liked and didn't like about the year to help in making changes going forward.

2.) Long Term Goal
Time to rip off the bandaid and get right to it, what is your goals for 2016?  This is the easy part.  Making the goal or goals always sounds good and feels good, you are inspired its a new year, fresh start, clean slate.  Ask yourself what kind of place, person, or shape do you want to be in when the year comes to a close.  Make a list of a few attainable year long goals.

3.) Short Term Goals
Now brake those long term goals down into quarters.  To meet your goals you have to make smaller  short term goals to help yourself achieve those long term goals without losing interest and giving up.  These can be motivational and/ or rewarding to keep you on tract.  Example if you are trying to lose weight, reward yourself with new workout clothes or a new outfit once a short term goal is reached.  Make short term goal with rewards, its pretty much quit proof when you get something for meeting your goal. 

4.) Accountability 
Appoint someone as your accountability partner.  Show them your goals or give them a copy of your plan and agree on a schedule to check in with each other to make sure you are on track.  When you have to talk with someone about your progress you don't want to get a bad report or have to explain why you are not where you wanted to be.  Having someone on your side motivating you along the way is a way to keep going even when it gets difficult.

5.) Realistic 
Most importantly make sure you are setting realistic goals for yourself.  The fastest way to quit is knowing you will never reach your goal.  But if it is something you can reach you are going to be more motivated to try and keep up with your short term goals to reach the long term goal.  The hardest part is keeping interested.  A year is a long time.  At the end of the year we say man that year just flew by but when your trying to fix something or be something a year seems like a lifetime.  To make sure you keep and reach your goals, set ones that are realistic and ones that you won't be tempted to quit after one month. 

I hope these goal setting tips help you make the most of 2016.  I am very excited to get my goals on paper and start working to become the best I can be in 2016.  I have so many special events to be present for this year.  To do that I know I have to take care of somethings that bother me and once they are met I know I will be a much happier girl. 

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  8. In my case, I tend to create short term goals, ones that I focus on for a few weeks. It is because I wanted to quickly see if they turn to a reality or not. If not, create new short term goals.

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