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I know I know I have been majorly mia.  I have traveled from coast to coast and back again.  What a crazy two weeks it has been.  I had such a great time in NYC this past week I wanted to share with you a little inside to what I did.  

First off Coterie was a huge success for Reeves & Company.   We saw so many of our wonderful accounts from the southeast.  We also saw fall 2016 and its going to blow your minds.  So many great styles, colors, and of course prices.  We also picked up a new line that we will be revealing later this week so stay tuned.  My sister's store Indigeaux Denim Bar and Boutique is opening a shoe salon inside their new location and I was able to do a little buying for her while in NYC.  Pensacola get excited about Dolce Vita coming your way. 

Then comes the food,  this might be the most important part to Analeise and I,  just kidding its the selling of the clothes.  Our first stop was Keste for pizza in the west village.  I am telling you this picture doesn't even do it justice.  We could just pick a couple we had to each pick one and share.  What else do you follow pizza with than a dessert smorgasbord from Milk Bar

The second day was even better when we tried out the best thai food restaurant in the east village call Ngam.  The food had so much flavor a depth.  It was rainy in the city that night so we found a cozy bar had a couple of drinks then headed back to the hotel to get our beauty sleep for the last day of coterie.  

I should have known my flight was going to be cancelled due to bad weather in Atlanta.  But I trapped off to the airport only to get there and have to turn around.  Which wasn't that bad, I mean who is mad about spending another night in NYC? 

Our last day in the city started with a beautiful morning stroll to get a coffee and heart donut from none other than Dunkin Donuts.  Then we had brunch at the famous Sarabeth's.  You must try the french toast.  A stroll around central part lead us to the beautiful Bergdorf Goodman's for a freshen up of makeup and perfume just in time to head to the airport.  

I know this was a long recap but there are tons of great restaurant suggestions and things to do around NYC, especially if you are on a budget.  P.s. we did get makeup from Bergdorf Goodman but it was not that expensive and you feel like a million bucks walking out with that little purple bag. 

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