Outfit Post // Off the Shoulder

Photographer // Shelby Rae Photographs
Makeup // Raw Glam Bar

Top Cupcakes and Cashmere // Pants Cupcakes and Cashmere // Shoes Nordstrom // Earrings Lisi Lerch // Sunglasses Ray-Ban

So I have come to the age where my body is changing and  is hate my arms right now.  They just don't look good right now and I would rather enjoy my boyfriend and eating than work out everyday.  Please don't judge me, you all know how it is when you get into a new relationship.  Everything taste, feels, and is better because you know them now.   But back to the shoulder verse arm issue.  The old saying says your shoulders are the last to go, shoulders always look pretty, so lets show 
off those beautiful shoulders. 
When the off the shoulder, cold shoulder, and cover everything but the shoulder look came about I was jumping for joy!!  Last year I kicked it off by buying the most expensive off the shoulder top I could find.  Only to see this year everyone has knocked it off for a fraction of the price.  Its ok I was single then and didn't need to eat for a month.  I found this little gem at my sisters store Indigeaux Denim Bar, its comfortable and girly with the lace appliqué.  This new brand Cupcakes and Cashemere is a great price point and designed by a blogger.  So you know it has all the appeal of everyone who wants to look like a blogger, me included.  
Hope you like what I linked below with lots of options for the off the shoulder look.
Sending all my LOVE off the shoulder

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